DYAS formaldehyde free - Formaldehyde free plywood

is a plywood made of many plies of rotary-cut beech veneers glued together with a dispersive PVAC adhesive. The grains of adjoining layers are at right angles to each other. For its speciál characteristic, formaldehyde free beech plywood is ušed mainly for interior applications, where a great emphasis on a hygienic wholesomeness is laid.

DYAS Formaldehyde Free

is a heatlhy harmless, wholesome beech plywood.


For its specific characteristic, formaldehyde free plywood is ušed especially for interior applications, where a great emphasis on a hygienic wholesomeness is laid - such as in hospitals, kindergartens etc. It is also very appreciated in food industry and in joinery for a wooden toys production.


4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18 mm
(otherthicknesseson customers' request)


All beech - all layers are of beech veneers
Combi - outer veneers are beech, inner layers are a combination of beech, spruce, poplar or birch veneers


D3 specifkation as per EN 204. It can be used in interior applications according to ČSN EN 636


2 200 x 1 220 mm
2 500 x 1 250 mm
(long grain orientation - a grain run is parallel to the long side of the board)


As per PN - 5/DY/04- plywood for a general use


is ordinarily sanded with grain 60, which is a basic sanding along with calibration


6% to 12% (at the time of delivery)


Thickness Number of plies Approximate volume weight Thickness tolerance Bendingstrenght
(surface veneer grain orientation)
All beech (kg/m3) Combi (kg/m3) ((mm) lengthwise crosswise
4 3x 710 600 +0,2/-0,5 40,0 N/mm2 20,0 N/mm2
5 3x 680 650
6 5x/4x 740 700
8 5x 730 670
10 5x 723 570
12 7x 737 590
15 8x 750 600
18 9x 730 650

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